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1/2 PANINI, CHIPS & 8oz CUP OF SOUP $11.49 Choose from one of our 6 delicious paninis, our signature tomato soup or our soup of the day, and grab your favorite chips from our chip rack.

1/2 GRILLED CHEESE OR GRILLED PB&J $8.49 W/ 8oz CUP OF SOUP Enjoy our famous grilled cheese with savory tomato soup or soup of the day. Perfect portion for our guest with smaller appetites.


OUR FAMOUS TOMATO BISQUE 8oz $2.99 16oz $3.99 A cup of soup that brings you back to your childhood.

SOUP OF THE DAY 8oz $2.99 16oz $3.99 Ask your server for today’s special.

LYNN’S OWN RECIPE BEEF CHILI 8oz $2.99 16oz $3.99 Made with lots of meat, beans, tomatoes and a few spices


Comes with your choice of chips and a pickle

VEGGIE $9.49 French roll topped with cream cheese ,dijon mustard and loaded with fresh tomato, onion, guacamole, spinach, a dash oil and salt and pepper.

ITALIAN $9.49 Ham, pepperoni, Swiss Cheese, fresh tomato, onion, spinach, a dash of oregano, pepper, mayo and Dijon.

CLUB $9.49 Roast Beef, turkey, ham, Colby Jack , fresh tomato, guacamole, spinach, mayo, and mustard.

TURKEY $9.49 Turkey with Havarti Cheese, sun dried tomatoes, spinach and our house ranch sauce.

ROAST BEEF $9.49 Roast Beef topped with Swiss Cheese, spinach, a pinch of pepper and our house light horse radish sauce


CLASSIC GRILLED CHEESE $7.99 A blend of cheddar and colby jack cheese grilled with our much loved special sauce.

GRILLED HAM AND CHEESE $8.99 Add a pile of ham on your grilled cheese and call it a meal.

GRILLED TUNA AND CHEDDAR $8.99 Our special recipe tuna with melted cheddar grilled to perfection.

GRILLED PB&J $7.99 Not just for kids! Enjoy crunchy or smooth peanut butter grilled with strawberry or blackberry jam. Dessert for lunch!

NACHOS $9.49 A generous portion of restaurant style chips layered with taco meat, onions tomatoes and shredded Mexican cheese served with salsa. Add guacamole or sour cream for $0.99

FRENCH DIP $9.49 Roast Beef with our own light horseradish sauce served with a beefy Au Jus for dipping. Add Swiss Cheese for $0.99

REGULAR HOT DOG $5.49 Our all Beef Hot Dog comes on an artisan bun with your choice of condiments. Add cheese and onions $0.99

JUMBO DOG $7.49 Supersize for the true Hot Dog Lover in You! All beef dog with your favorite condiments. Add cheese and onions $0.99

CHILI DOG $8.99 Lynn’s secret chili recipe generously poured over our artisan bun and jumbo all beef dog Smother this with cheese and onions $0.99